what is 2/9 of 18?my teacher is making us do this math problems that she didn't teach us.
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4 Answers

2/9 of 18 is 4. its 4 because you divide 18 divided by 9 and it equals to 2.so then i multiply 2 times 2 and got 4.

by Level 1 User (140 points)

 The answer is two, the reason is because if you divide 18 by 9 it equals two, so then you multiply 2 times 2 and you will get four.

I hoped this helped you guys


( always do your homework kids )wink                   



you know that because u divide 18 by 9 and,multiply it by 2

by Level 9 User (42.1k points)
I got 4 as the answer. I multiplied straight across. 2/9 X 18/1 and got 36/9 which when simplified is 4.

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