Express the following in kl ,as a fraction in common fraction and decimal notation . a.250L , B.1250L, C.2750L, D.650L, E.150L, F.12 500L,
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2 Answers

1 kL=1000L, 1L=0.001kL.

A. 250L=0.25kL, B. 1250L=1.25kL, C. 2.75kL, D. 0.65kL, E. 0.15kL, F. 12.5kL.

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To convert l into kl, divide by 1000

Showing you an example of 250 l to kl in fraction


and 250 = 5*5*5*2, 1000 = 5*5*5*2*2*2,

Now, find HCF and divide both numerator and denominator by HCF, in this case it is 250, so we get 1/4

Answer is Below:

As fraction,

A) 1/4 kl

B) 5/4 kl

C) 11/4 kl

D) 13/20 kl

E) 3/20 kl

F) 25/2  kl

As Decimal Notation,

A) 0.25 kl

B) 1.25 kl

C) 2.75 kl

D) 0.65 kl

E) 0.15 kl

F) 12.5  kl
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