i dont know how to do it and you need to find the area of the rectangle
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You seem to be confused about the wording of this question. You state the area to be 200m and then ask what the area is. Area is measured in square units, so you would have metres squared, not just metres. The area of a rectangle is length times width; the perimeter is twice the sum of length and width. Check the question again and edit or resubmit. Perhaps 200m is the perimeter?

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I’m not sure what you mean in this question, because you already stated the area of the rectangle and then asked what is the area of the rectangle. So here are what you could have meant.

  1. The perimeter is 200m so since the perimeter is twice the sum of length and width, the length plus the width is 100m, making the dimensions 2.5 and 97.5 metres, so the area is 243.75 square metres.
  2. The area is 200 square metres, so the length is 200/2.5=80 metres.


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