My homeowkr is hard and this question was on it.
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2 Answers

92/60=23/15 because we divide top and bottom by the common factor 4 to simplify it.

15 goes into 23 just 1 times with a remainder of 8.

The question doesn’t say whether to round to the nearest whole number or to round to a certain number of decimal places, or to the nearest fraction, so I have to guess what you mean. To the nearest whole number we would round to 2, because the remainder 8 is more than half of 15 and so we are closer to 2 than 1. We are 8 fifteenths away from 1 but only 7 fifteenths away from 2, so we are nearer to 2 than 1.

If we want to round to the nearest half the answer would be 1½, because 8 fifteenths is close to 8 sixteenths and 8 is a half of 16.

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92/60 = 1.53333 which is rounded up to 1.5 to 1 decimal place or 2 if you are asked to round to whole number
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