Among the ninth graders, Sipho, Mpho, Vusi,Carol,Katlego, Precious and Piet are golfers. Show how their tally chart will look like
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The tally chart would have the golfers’ names as column headers. Each row represents a hole, so if there are 18 holes on the golf course there would be 18 rows containing tallies. The rows and columns form a table for the game. As the game proceeds a tally would be kept for the number of strokes it took a particular player to pot the ball into each numbered hole. The tallies would be written |||| when the count reaches 5. A count of 3 would look like ||| and a count of 7 would look like |||| ||, etc. (The chart should contain large enough cells to record some arbitrary maximum tally for a hole for each player.) The strikethrough would be handwritten as a diagonal line. At the end of the game it’s fairly easy from the tally chart to see how many strokes each player used for each hole, and by totalling the columns, how many strokes were needed to complete the game. The golfer with the lowest total would normally be considered the winner. An independent scorer would ensure that no player cheated by failing to record a stroke.

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