Rarios and rates plaesa i need help this homework is due tommorrow and im super bussy. Shadhdhccjsos sa aaa and i need help please im just an 11 year old in 6th grase trying trying to have fun BUT NOOOOOO i have to do this ianana anad i m im ctrcara c r c crazy please im litterally going nuts right inow i neeed an answer please there are even more ppagws and my old math teacher DID NOT teach me anythinng -!!!!! He was soo. Hchiil, but bnNoOOOOO mcc i hate math iyt sucks sucks its the worst uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so maad tufjfhdhsjdjdjdjdhsndjvcdhdjdjdjvjcjjd
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2 Answers

Yes, they are equivalent. 12:16 multiplied by 6 is 72:96.

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They are both equivalent.

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