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1 Answer

Divide through by 1.6944:

1.7097/1.6944=1+(0.018/(1+x)) or it could be 1.018/(1+x).

That gives us approx:

1.00903=1+(0.018/(1+x)) or 1.018/(1+x),

so 0.018/(1+x)=0.00903 or 1.018/(1+x)=1.00903.

This can be written:

1+x=0.018/0.00903, x=(0.018/0.00903)-1=0.9934 approx or

1+x=1.018/1.00903, x=(1.018/1.00903)-1=0.00889 approx.

My guess is that x=1 approximately, from the first interpretation. Let’s see what happens if we put x=1 into the original:

1.7097=1.6944(1+0.018/2)=1.6944×1.009=1.7096496 which rounds up to 1.70965 which rounds up to 1.7097. So it looks like the first interpretation is the right one, and x=1.

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