Ms Pantano spent 38% of her 2017 earnings on rent, 32% on recreational activities, and 7% on taxes. How much did she spend on each thing? After the expanses how much did she have in the bank?
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let 100E is the total earnings for 2017.

she spent 38E for rent, 32E for recreational activities and 7E for taxes, a total of 77E. what she saved

is 100E - 77E = 23E
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Can I ask you, In the word problem, there were no number to go by, How does a person know to use "100" rather let say "200E or "300E" ? The precentage on this word problem made me think I needed to turn it into a regular number then some how start multiplying. I was so intimidated by the percentages.  Thank YOU for taking your time out to solve this problem. I wish I could give you 10,000 points.
By using 100 instead of any other number, you have very clear and understandable

results and no need to recalculate for the percentages again.

Hoping you find my comments interesting

Thank you again

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