ans of part a is not constant . need help in part b please

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1 Answer

a. Yes, rate of change is not constant.

b. Rate of change is quite small. Lowest number of jobs is 37,400 and highest is 43,100, difference of 5,700 in 10 years, which is 570 a year. Average number of jobs is 40,170 and the maximum variation is 570/40170=1.4%, which is only a small fluctuation.

We could find the variance of the dataset, but it’s already clear that the rate of change is quite small.

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but sir ans is

 The rates of change are large because the number of jobs increased by about 4300, or 11%, which is a significant amount

please again check this question :(

thanks sir Rod
The question says the rates of change in relation to the number of jobs. That’s what I was  working on. Take 1999 to 2000, for example. The difference is under 2000 in about 40000 which is only about 5%. The average rate of change is less than that. It takes 10 years for the number of jobs to go from 38,800 to 43,100. That’s an average of 430 per year. The average number of jobs is around 41000 so 430/41000=1% approx which is small.

The 11% increase has taken place over 10 years, so it’s only 1% each year which is small.

it mean rate of change will be small not large , right ?
I think so, yes.

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