As a desimal it has 12 numbers
asked Oct 12, 2017 in Other Math Topics by Shannon
WTF! WHAT THE HECK MAN! LMAO! OK, so geeze, why it gotta be so complicated? I mean, I don't even know this myself and Rod try to help me, but then I still don't know how to do this! Its JUNK C R A P!

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1 Answer

Multiply by 10: 9.54545454... If this is a recurring decimal then the fraction is 54/99=6/11 and the number becomes 9⁢⁄₁₁=105/11 as an improper fraction.

But we now have to divide by 10 to compensate for multiplying by 10 earlier: 105/110=21/22.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by Rod Top Rated User (510,040 points)
Clever, clever. At least you were smart enough to put this as an answer. Not a stupid comment that don't even answer the question! What I mean is, some guy is commenting answers and not putting it as an answer. Its as a comment and it make no sense.
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