Anna spent 3 hours in her garden planting 6 rosebushes. To plant a rosebush, she first dug a hole then refilled the hole with the root ball, dirt, and compost. She spent twice as long digging the hole for each plant as she did refilling it. Which of the following could be used to find the number of minutes, m, Anna spent digging each hole?

The answer is 6m + 6(m/2) = 180


I chose 6m + 6(2m) = 180 and I am not exactly sure why I am wrong. Doesn't 2m represent her taking twice as long to dig than refill? 

I'm not sure why this problem is tripping me up, but maybe someone could explain it to me?

Thanks a lot.

asked Jan 3 in Word Problem Answers by anonymous

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1 Answer

Hi! I just asked this question and I have figured it out. I totally get my mistake. Thanks!
answered Jan 3 by anonymous
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