Math homework please help

asked Dec 20, 2016 in Other Math Topics by anonymous

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1 Answer

Not sure how many questions there are, but here goes with 6 and 7.


Let's imagine there are 28 games. Team A wins 7 games and Team B wins 12 games. That means Team A has a probability of winning 7/28=1/4 and Team B a probability of winning 12/28=3/7. So when we look at all 28 games, we know that 19 games are won by either Team A or B. So the probability of either team winning must be 19/28.

Answer to 7 in comment...

answered Dec 20, 2016 by Rod Top Rated User (487,100 points)

Probability of neither student wearing glasses is (1-3/8)(1-2/5)=5/8*3/5=3/8. The other 3 possible outcomes consist of at least one student wearing glasses, so the probability for this is 1-3/8=5/8, since all the 4 possibilities must add up to 1 (certainty).


6. Red ball, green ball, yellow ball

7. Heads+1, heads+2, heads+3, heads+4, heads+5, heads+6,

    tails+1, tails+2, tails+3, tails+4, tails+5, tails+6.

8. Pass or fail
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