So I have a 12oz can of nonfat milk powder and 12oz can of whole milk powder.
There is 7g fat in the whole milk powdered per 1/4c. (Makes 1cup prepared)

If I mixed them 1:1 in powder from will it still be 7g of fat per serving or will it be half? Since it's mixed with 0g fat
asked Sep 21, 2016 in Word Problem Answers by anonymous

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Mixing the ingredients in the ratio 1:1 doubles the volume containing the fat, so the same amount of fat is present in twice the volume. That makes the concentration half of what it was before, that is, 3.5g per serving if there was 7g per serving before mixing.

There are roughly 28g in one ounce, so in one 12oz can there will be 336g. One serving contains 1/4 can (1/4c=1/4 can?), and 1/4 can contains 84g, so 1/12 of this measure is fat (7/84). 1/8 can of each ingredient is needed in the 1:1 mixture, so that's 1/24 of a 1/4 can of mixture. 1/24 of 84=84/24=7/2=3.5g.

answered Sep 21, 2016 by Rod Top Rated User (486,900 points)
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