Car dealer paid a certain price for a car and marked it up by 7/5 and sold the car for 24,000 dollars what was the original price?
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6 Answers

me assume that junk shood be


or (12/5)x=24,000

so x=24,000/(12/5)....=(5/12)*24,000



If x was the price the dealer paid for the car, the markup price would be 7x/5 or 1.4x. So 1.4x=24000, and x=24000/1.4=$17142.86. Call it $17,143 to the nearest dollar.

If he added 7x/5 to the original price to make a profit of 1.4x, then x+1.4x=2.4x=24000 and x=24000/2.4=$10,000. (His profit would then be $14,000. Pretty good, eh? I wonder if he really managed to sell the car!)

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A car dealer paid a certain price for a car and marked it up by 7/5 of the price he paid. later,he sold it for 24.000. what is the original price?
Joanna ran miles in physical education class . After resting one hour,her heart rate was 60 beats per minute. If her rate was descreased by 2/5, what was her rate immediately after she ran in miles?

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