Here is her work:

Division: 7 1/2 divide by 1 1/2 = 5

Check: 5 x 1 1/2 = 5 1/2
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1 Answer

Write both fractions as improper fractions. 7 1/2 is 15/2 (fifteen halves); 1 1/2=3/2 (three halves). Now the problem is effectively 15/3 because the dividend and the divisor are both in terms of halves. You might as well consider calves instead of halves, because the answer will still be 15/3=5. 

However the check should be 5 times 1 1/2= 5+5/2 (five plus five halves)=5+2 1/2=7 1/2. So Clarice got it wrong!

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