Please simplify the ratio 18:30:54?
in order of operations by

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8 Answers

need this as well for maths mate Year 7 sorry im no help though i feel your pain as display
Umm I know I'm now going to win best answer but trying to help out,I think the best answer would be. 13,4 ,and 18 I did my math and hopefully I helped you.if I'm wrong please correct me and find someone else :)
9:15:27...I think

The correct answer is 3:5:9

you get it by dividing each number by 6

by Level 9 User (42k points)

What i did was i just divided each number by 6 ...

18 divided by 6= 3

30 divided by 6= 5

54 divided by 6= 9

so the answer is 3:5:9

Answer: 3: 5: 9 Step By Step Answer: The given ratio is 18 : 30 : 54 Rewrite this ratio by writing the factors of each terms as shown below 6×3 : 6×5: 6×9 Now, 6 is common in all the three factors. hence, we can cancel it and we are left with 3 : 5 : 9 Now, there is no any common term. Hence, we can't simplify the ratio more. Therefore, the required ratio is  3 : 5 : 9

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