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1 Answer

??????????? wich wae du yu thro ball ????????????

?????????? 5 ft ?????????

maebee yu shood start with ball 5 ft abuv ground ?????

Maebee yu thro ball up????????????

???????????????? velosity ???????????? maebee yu meen SPEED ?????????

If thro it up, top hite=distans it wood go if drop it & it hit ground with speed=

??????????? 35 foot per sekond ?????????

Gravity accelerate it at bout 32.2 ft/sek^2.  This impli time=35/32.2=1.086956522 seks

averaej speed=(startspeed + end speed)/2...=(35+0)/2=35/2=17.5ft/sek

Distans=speed*time=17.5* 1.08695...seks=19.02173913 ft

or bout 19ft

Then add in the 5 ft

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