I need help solving the inequality and graphing its solution
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Add 1 to each side so as to separate knowns from unknowns: 5>x/3. Multiply through by 3: 15>x. Turn this round: x<15 and that's the answer. To graph the result you only need a straight line representing x. Mark the point 15. Everything to the left of that point (negative side) represents the solution x<15. Note that the actual point where x=15 is not included in the solution, since x must be strictly less than 15. To show that the answer is correct pick a value of x less than 15, say 12, and substitute into the original inequality: 4>-1+12/3 is 4>-1+4 or 4>3, which is true. Pick a value of x bigger than 15, say 18, and 4>-1+6 or 4>5 isn't true, as we would expect, since we picked an x value outside the range of the solution. If we pick x=15 (out of range) we get 4>-1+5 or 4>4 which also isn't true.

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