what is the graph for the following equation
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1 Answer

This is an inequality rather than an equation so we have to be careful that we don't violate the inequality. -5c+2<=27. Subtract 2 from each side: -5c<=25, -c<=5. If we want to get rid of the minus sign on the left we have to reverse the inequality: c>=-5. This says all values of c greater than or equal to negative 5. It's like saying all temperatures higher than or equal to minus five degrees or five degrees below freezing. To draw the graph with the c axis vertical, you would draw a horizontal line through the axis at the point c=-5. The whole area above that line would be c>=-5. Think of your vertical axis as a thermometer with a graduated scale going from, say, -20 to +40 (20 below freezing to a very hot 40 degrees). Mark 5 degrees below zero, then all the temperatures at or warmer than this would be your graph!

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