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Full name: Mikayla J. Barron
Location: Clairton, PA, Zip code 15025 in the US
About: I am 11 years old. Subjects I like are math, gym, and science. Sports I like are basketball, and softball. Colors I like are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and lavender.

 I have 1 brother and 4 sisters. One of my sisters died when I was 3 years old. :( There names are Josh, Brittany, Erin, Sheena, and Brenna. I have 4 nephews and 1 niece. There names are Phoenix, Caydenn, Raiden, Kayenn, and Emma.

 I been in school for 7 years so far. I am in 6th grade. It is pretty hard because I have learning disability of ADHD. That is why I joined this website so I can understand math more. I used to have honer role 1st grade - 4th grade. In 5th, it start to get harder in math, reading, and science. I start to realize when I get to a higher grade level, it will be harder. 5th grade, I did not get honer role because my grades went down. :(

 Now I am in cyber school because people in my school are bullies and jerks calling me names and all that. It would never get quiet in school, so that is why I am cyber school. In till I need help with every subject in cyber school. Mom only helps me because my brothers and sisters have boyfriends and girlfriends. So, mom says later I need to go back to school because she never get something done, so I didn't know if i should go back in till later. I agreed with her. So we are still having some more problems because mom doesn't have a car. She used to have one, but it broke down. :(
She needs to ask someone to take me to school, but we will work it out.

Anyways, we decided not to go back to the school and move on to my cyber school because it is really bad in that school I went to before. It was like people bothering me. Acting jealous on me!!! I am just.....UGH at them!
Now we are going to the second 9 weeks. I hope I get everything done then.

Thank you for checking out my profile! :)

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