for what value of k the straight line given by the equation 5x-y+4=0 becomes a chord to the curve given by the equation x^2+2y^2+y-(2-17k)=0
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2 Answers

???????? "for wot" ???? yu meen "wot for" ??????? that x^2 & so forth stuf look like a serkel & aft a long look me find a "k" in equashun 2 But....its 2 komplex for me...wood take a lotta werk tu solv me not up tuit tudae (me got numoenya)
K is in term that kontrol the size (radius) av the serkel.... yu gotta make it > distans from serkel senter tu line.... distans tu line: draw line from senter tu line that is 90 deg tu line

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