I need to solve this equation 4/9w2+1=5/3w in quadratic form and in steps.
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1 Answer

4/9w^2 +1 = 5/3w        using completing the square method,first re arrange the equation                         4/9w^2 -5/3w +1 = 0      to get a whole number, multiply  through by 9         4w^2-15w+9=0      next,divide through by the co efficient of w^2     w^2-15/4w+9/4=0      take the constant to the other side      4w^2-15w=-9/4     next, find half of the co efficient of w and add it to both sides                                 w^2-15/4w+(15/8)^2 = (15/8)^2 - 9/4      since the left hand side is a perfect square, it becomes  (w+15/8)^2 = (15/8)^2 -9/4.       (w+15/8)^2 = 225/64-9/4. (find the lcm of the right hand side )       now square both sides         (w+15/8) = squareroot 81/64(squareroot =+_ 9/8)      collecting like terms,    w= 15/8 +_9/8       w=15+9/8 or w=15-9/8      :.w is either 3 or3/4
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