What's my rule?  Rrule ? In 6 out 3 in 10 out 5 in 16 out 8 what is the answer?
asked Oct 12, 2011 in Word Problem Answers by anonymous

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4 Answers

Whats my rule?  In 0, out 1.  In 1, out 2.  In 2, out 4.  In 3, out 8.  In 4, out 16.  In 5, out 32.  In 6, out 64.

If you have a sheet of paper, if you do not fold it, there is 1 rectangle.  Fold it once, 2 rectangles.  Fold 2 times, 4 rectangles.  Fold 3 times, 8 rectangles.  Fold 4 times, 16 rectangles.  Fold 5 times, 32 rectangles.  Fold 6 times, 64 rectangles.  I need the algebraic expression.  Fold variable is "K".


Frusted parent after working 18 hours and cant do 6th grade math...arggggggggggggh
answered Oct 14, 2011 by anonymous
My second grader just came home with this. I had a hard time at first but I finally got the answer. The rule is division, divided by 2. Hope this heps!
answered Oct 25, 2011 by anonymous
The answer could be divided by 2 or multiplied by .5
answered Oct 3, 2013 by anonymous
in 2 out 5, in 3 out 7 what is my rule?
answered Apr 18, 2014 by Shannon
In 2 and Out 5, In 3 and Out 7, what is my rule?
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