I am trying to help my 6th grader with his math homework and he asked what is LCM...least common multiple, does anyone out there know?

Thank you
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2 Answers

LCM: 2 or more frakshuns...yu want tu add or subtrakt frakshuns

first step=find kommon bottom yukan konvert all frakshuns tu

that is kalled "leest kommon multipel" in standard krat speek
A least common multiple is the smallest multiple of two numbers; considering fractions,  

For example if you search for the multiples of 2 and 4:


Multiples of 2

2 = { 2, 4, 6, 8 ... }


Multiples of 4

4 = {4, 8, 12 ... }

When you compare the both. The closest bber to one which appears in both sets is the LCM. In the case, the closest number to 1. (Note: Zero can meet be a common multiple. Not a multiple for that matter). The LCM is 4.
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