Lara is wanting to cover a wall in a collage. She has no measuring tools so she uses a wrapping paper roll. The wrapping paper roll is 3.33ft long. The width of the wall is equal to 3 rolls of wrapping paper. The length equals 2.5 rolls. The images Lara is ordering are 4x6in prints. How many images does Lara need to buy to cover the entire wall?

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1 Answer

Width of the wall = 3 * length of wrapping roll = 3 * 3.33 = 9.99 ft or

Length of the wall = 2.5 * length of the roll = 2.5 * 3.33 = 8.325 ft

Area of the wall = length * width = 9.99 * 8.325 = 83.16675 sq. ft.

Area of images = 4 * 6 = 24 inch or 0.166667 sq feet.

So the required number of images = 498.99 or 499 (rounded)

So Lara should buy 499 images.

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