jake drank 3/8 of his water in the morning and another 1/3 of what was left at lunch.  how much water does he has at the end of the day?
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1 Answer

After drinking ⅜ of the water, there would be ⅝ remaining. ⅓ of this is ⁵⁄₂₄, leaving ⅔ of ⅝ which is ¹⁰⁄₂₄=⁵⁄₁₂.

An easy way of looking at this is to suppose he had 24 fluid ounces of water at the beginning of the day. So he drank ⅜ which is 9 fluid ounces, leaving 15. He drank a further ⅓ which is 5 fluid ounces leaving 10 fluid ounces. And 10 fluid ounces is ¹⁰⁄₂₄ of the amount of water he started with, which cancels down to ⁵⁄₁₂.


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