Chris invests a total of $18,500.00 in two accounts. The first account earned a rate of return of 7% (after a year). However, the second account suffered a 3% loss in the same time period. At the end of one year, the total amount of money gained was $1,195.00. How much was invested into each account?

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1 Answer

let c1 is the money invested in the first account and c2 is the money invested in the second account.

So it is  c1 + c2 = 18500 (1)   the gain of the first accound after 1 year is 0.07c1 and the loss of the second

accound is -0.03c2  so it will be  0.07c1-0.03c2 = 1195 (2)

From the (1) we get  c2=18500-c1 . plugging this value to (2) we get 0.07c1 -0.03(18500-c1)=1195

and 0.07c1-555+0.03c1=1195  --->>>  0.1c1=1195+555 --->>>  0.1c1 = 1750  --->>> c1=1750/0.1 = 17500

plugging this value of c1 to (1) we get 17500 + c2 = 18500  ---->>> c2= 18500-17500 = 1000

so c1=17500 $  money invested to first account and c2=1000€ invested to the second account
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