Jo saved $40 per wk  then  50 per wk for the next 8 wks show graphically and  why savings  isn't an arithmetic sequence
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1 Answer

If Jo saves $40 for n weeks and $50 for the next 8 weeks, the total savings = 40n+400 dollars.

An arithmetic sequence has only one common difference throughout the series, but this sequence has at least two: 40 for several weeks then 50 for 8 weeks, then presumably back to 40. This is a piecewise function. f(x)=

{ 40x | 0≤x≤n

{ 50x-10 | n<x≤n+8 because 40n+50(x-n)=50x-10n

{ 40x+80 | n+8<x because 80=8(50-40)

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