i naeed haelp to find the answer for this for a math question

asked Apr 5, 2012 in Calculus Answers by anonymous
reshown Sep 23, 2012 by mshelton

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1 Answer

For starters, just get that 4 out of the way. It's already part of the mixed number.  Next step is to make the .625 a fraction. It has three places after the decimal so put it over 1000. (If it had been 2 places after the decimal, you'd put it over 100). you could leave it at 4 625/1000 but we should probably reduce it. Both numerator and denomiator are divisible by 25 for sure, so now we have 4 25/40. Looks like both of those are still divisible by 5 so now we get, 4 5/8 and there's your answer.


answered Sep 17, 2012 by anonymous

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