I am not sure how to insert grouping symbols to make this equation true. Is it even possible to do so?
in order of operations by

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2 Answers

me dont thank it be possabel

No mater how yu mae put parens around parts, yu stil

start with (9/3)...3

the 2 parts in the middel hav nuther divide..."divided bi 8"

yu mite kobine (8-6), tu divide bi 2 insted av 8, but that make anser smaller

If yu start with (9/8), get even smaller

Noweer du yu hav add or multipli, so kant offset NE divide

9/(3/(8-6))=6 is: 9 divided by (3 divided by (8 minus 6)) equals 6. This contains word groupings as well as arithmetic groupings. There are 5 words and 5 numbers. There are 5 phrases: "9 divided by", "3", "divided by", "8 minus 6", "equals 6". The grouping symbols are two sets of brackets. If the word groupings are disallowed, then the grouping symbols alone would be insufficient to make the arithmetic possible.

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