1. Create a variable to represent the width of the pool. Determine the expressions to represent length and the depth in terms of the width variable.
  2. Determine the polynomial expression to represent the area of land space that the pool will cover.
  3. Using the area and the depth expressions, determine the polynomial expression that is used to represent the volume.
  4. Classify the volume polynomial by degree and number of terms.
asked Mar 23, 2015 in Algebra 1 Answers by anonymous

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1 Answer

hae buddy, yu need tu start with sumthun sumwon mite be abel tu figger...basiks like

????????? maebee yu hav a REKTANGULAR pool ???????????

?????????? maebee flat bottom, so water same depth all over ???????????

?????????? in other werds, yu hav a BOX   (WOT guvt krats kall a "rektangular solid" ??????????

Maebee teech want EQUASHUN for volume ???????????

base area=leng*wide=3*(wide+3)*wide


but leng=3*(wide+3), so yu hav [2*3*(wide+3)-7]*3*wide*(wide+3)

or (3*wide^2+9wide)*[6*wide-18 -7]

or 3*wide(wide+3)*(6*wide-25)

or 3*wide*[6wide^2 -7wide-75)
answered Mar 23, 2015 by muneepenee

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