Ashok bought an article and spent Rs110 on its repair. He then sold it to Bhushan at a profit of 20%. Bhushan sold it to Charan at a loss of 10%. Charan sold it for Rs1188 at a profit of 10%. How much did Ashok pay for the article?
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2 Answers

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890 is the answer. Let Ashok pay rs. X for article. Y=X+110(repair amt.) Ashok sold it at 20% profit that means Y+20%of Y=1.2Y Bhushan sold it to charan at loss of 10% means 1.2Y-10% of 1.2Y=1.08Y Charan sold it for rs.1188 at profit of 10% means 1.08Y+10%of 1.08Y=1188 1.188Y=1188 Y=1000 Req. Ans= Y-110= Rs.890

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