Megan has a large packing box shaped as a cube with a volume of 216 cubic feet.

(A) What is the side length for the cubical box?

(B) Megan would like to design a box that is a rectangular prism, but not a cube. What are a possible length,width,and height that she could use if she wants this box to have the same volume as the cube? Explain how you found the dimensions.
asked Dec 26, 2011 in Pre-Algebra Answers by anonymous

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1 Answer

V = a^3

216 = a^3

a = 3thrt(216)

a = 6

216 = 6^3

216 - 6*6*6

216 = 36*6

216 = 216

a rectangular prizm  8*4*9 = 216

                                  8*2*18 = 216

answered Dec 27, 2011 by jkhenry Level 8 User (36,860 points)
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