The sides of a trapezoid: the base is 8 cm, the top is 5 cm, one leg is 12 cm. What is the measurement of the other leg?
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1 Answer

?????????????? "the measurement av" ????????? . . . ??? yu meen "size" or "how big" ????????? . . . Sins yu talk bout length av sides, yu want length . . . gotta hav more than 3 sides . . . yu sae base=8, top=5, & 1 end=12 . . . depend on angel that end make tu base . . . if big angel, like 90 deg, then other end=diagonal av rite triangel . . . with 1 side=12, other side=8-5=3, so diagonal=11.618950 . . . But if start end at rite angel, other end kan be 90 deg tu base . . . then its leng=12*sine(angel)...leng depend on the angel at other end

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