i need to figure money out in percentages for beneficiarys on my life insurance i want to leave 6000.00 to 1 person what percentage will it be to total 100%

1 person $10.000 i know that is 14.29

2nd person  $10.000

3rd person  $10.000

4th person $6000.00 what percentage is that
asked Feb 1, 2013 in Word Problem Answers by anonymous

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1 Answer

Me hav no idea wot yu tri tu du, or wi yu wanna make evreethang so komplex

Thats not the wae a reel persun du thangs

if 14.29% av x=5,000$, then yer dollar pile is

5,000/0.1429=34989.50315, or bout 35,000$

reel persun wood kount theer munee tu get this number,

then deside wot tu du with it
answered Feb 2, 2013 by anonymous

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