y= 3/5x -9

given point: (-10, -23)
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3 Answers

???????????????? "passesessesssssssss thru" ????????????

a line GO THRU points

me assume that formula shood be y=(3/5)x-9, so slope=0.6


extend line from x=-10 tu x=0, deltax=10, deltay=slope*deltax=0.6*10=6

y=-23+6=-17, so line go thru (0,-17)


muneepenee's answer is correct.

Parallel to means "has the same slope as", so the answer will also have a slope of 3/5. And the Y Intercept (c) is calculated by working the given point back to the y axis (where x = 0) using the slope (each 1 unit of x corresponds to 3/5 units of y)

You can visualize http://statsfiddle.info/Graph/SolveLinearEquation?LinearSolutionType=PointAndSlope&Point1.X=-10&Point1.Y=-23&Slope=0.6

by Level 4 User (6k points)

Given y= 3/5x -9
And point(-10, -23)
slope of =3/5
To pass through a point

SUBTRACT the values of the point from their relative variable

Hence the equation is: y=3x/5-17

Algebraic Equations - http://math.tutorcircle.com/algebra/algebraic-equations.html

by Level 8 User (30.1k points)

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