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I wish I could be of some help, but this doesn't make any sense to me. Word problems like this are my weakest in math.

Look at the solution and you’ll see how to convert the words into the algebra, which leads to the solution.

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Let M=man’s current age and S=son’s current age.

Two years ago they were M-2 and S-2 years old. And M-2=5(S-2), M=5S-10+2=5S-8.

6 years from now they will be M+6 and S+6 years old. And M+6=3(S+6), M=3S+18-6=3S+12.

So 5S-8=3S+12, 2S=20, so S, the son’s age now is 10. M=3S+12=30+12=42, the man’s age now.

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