i have an equation within my dissertation, 0.418 x 0.417 x 0.435 x 0.461 x 0.933= 0.012. it is a combination of blood protein groups to match a sample to another. i know it has a mathematical formula but i cant think what it is. its been bugging me for days help please
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There is a strong relationship between the product of the numbers on the left and the figure on the right, but it may just be coincidence. However, the mathematical match is at least 99.98%. This is well within the 3 decimal place accuracy of the given figures, so the case for the mathematical relationship is very strong. Since this is a mathematics website and not a medical site, I can’t relate the finding to blood protein groups.

What I found was 0.418×0.417×0.435×0.461×0.933=0.012e, where e is the base of natural logarithms, and may be associated with some aspect of probability, which I suspect is an important factor in blood matching.

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