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1 Answer

There were 424 participants in the math-a-thin. If there were 3 times as many girls as boys, how many girls participated?

In every batch of 4 children there were 3 girls and 1 boy.

Divide 424 by 4 and you get 106.

So, there are 106 batches of 4 in 424.

And there are 3 girls in every batch.

Which makes for 3 * 106 = 318

So, there are 318 girls in all

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I read this as the girls being in the majority 3:1=girls:boys.

Ah, well spotted Rod. This may be sexist but I naturally made the assumption that, in Maths at least, there would be more boys than girls! :(

It’s often the case that boys do better, but, take my granddaughter: she’s good at maths and I know a few females that enjoy maths. So it’s not sexist, just the way things seem to be! 

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