The complete question is One gallon of gasoline is burned in an automobile's engine produces on the average 9.5 kg of carbon dioxide, which is a green house gas, that is, it promotes the warning of Earth's atmosphere. Calculate the annual production of carbon dioxide in kilograms if there are 40 million cars in the United States, and each car covers a distance of 5000 mi at a consumption rate of 20 mi per gallon. Solution with explanation. TIA!
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1 Answer

Amount of fuel used by one car to travel 5000 miles=5000/20=250 gallons.

Each gallon produces 9.5kg of CO₂, so 250 gallons produce 9.5×250=2375 kg of CO₂.

For 40,000,000 cars this comes to 9.5×10¹⁰ or 95 billion kg of CO₂. This is the same as 95 million metric tonnes.

(2375=2.375×10³ and 40,000,000=4×10⁷, so the product is 4×2.375×10¹⁰=9.5×10¹⁰.)

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