1-4 scoops of icream (1 of each flavor), 0-15 toppings, 0-4 syrups.
asked Mar 10 in Algebra 2 Answers by anonymous

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1 Answer

I’ve made certain assumptions:

Ice cream is mandatory, but topping and syrup are optional;

I can have between 1 and 4 scoops of ice cream, but no more than 1 of each flavour;

There can only be at most one topping and there are 15 different flavours;

There can only be at most one syrup and there are 4 different flavours;

The choice of ice cream, topping and syrup are independent.


1 scoop: 4 because there are 4 flavours

2 scoops: 6

3 scoops: 4

4 scoops: 1 because no more than one of each flavour is permitted


TOPPING: 16 including no topping

SYRUP: 5 including no syrup.

Total combination: 15*16*5=1200.

(If the initial assumption were changed to allow up to 15 toppings instead of just one, the numbers involved would be too large to handle. The situation is worse if more than one syrup is allowed. So the initial assumption seems to be the practical, sensible one!)

answered Mar 10 by Rod Top Rated User (592,680 points)

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